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Catching the Dreams of Tomorrow – Preparing Young Women for the 21st Century. The Delta Academy began June 1997 by the National Program Planning and Development Committee of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Using the Native American symbol, “dream catcher”, the Academy was created to assist young ladies (ages 11-14) to catch their dreams and aspiration for the future.

Currently, Oakland East Bay Alumnae Chapter’s Delta Academy is composed of Middle School girls in grades 6th – 8th, who live in Oakland, California and surrounding areas.  This year, girls are guided in programs that focus on developing a positive self-esteem, exploring STEM through music, and community engagement. 

Applications for the 2018-2019 Sorority NOW Open! (Open to girls ages 11-14 in grades 6th – 8th )

Apply Online Here or Print and Download a paper application and mail to: 

Oakland East Bay Alumnae Chapter (OEBAC) Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. P.O. Box 2149, Oakland, CA 94621

The Oakland East Bay Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, welcomes you to apply for our 2018-2019 Delta Academy!! Applications are NOW LIVE!!  and the DEADLINE To apply EXTENDED to March 9th.Any middle school girl age 11- 14 can apply by simply visiting the  you’ll find the electronic application  or you can download and print pdf. of the application under our programs for  Educational Development.For questions please email

Please email Stephanie Erwin or Ebonee Slater at with any questions.

Delta Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully (GEMS)

A natural outgrowth and expansion for the continuation of the highly successful Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy: Catching the Dreams of Tomorrow, Delta GEMS was created to catch the dreams of African-American, adolescent girls aged 14-18. Delta GEMS provides the framework to actualize those dreams through the performance of specific tasks that develop a CAN DO attitude. The goals for Delta GEMS are:

To instill the need to excel academically; To provide tools that enable girls to sharpen and enhance their skills to achieve high levels of academic success;To assist girls in proper goal setting and planning for their futures in high school and beyond; andTo create compassionate, caring, and community-minded young women by actively involving them in service learning and community service opportunities.

The Delta GEMS program offers a road map for college and career planning through activities that provide opportunities for self-reflection and individual growth. Delta GEMS, like Delta Academy, is implemented by chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Delta GEMS participants have the opportunity to define and “Discover their individual Brilliance.”

Information on OEBAC Delta GEMS program coming soon!


Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence The program is designed to refocus the efforts of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., with the support and action of other major organizations, on the plight of African American males. Both informal and empirical data suggests that the vast majority of African-American males continues to be in crisis and is not reaching its fullest potential educationally, socially and emotionally. EMBODI is designed to address these issues through dialogue, and recommendations for change and action.

Information on our EMBODI program coming soon!

Educational Development

Political Awareness and Involvement


Political Awareness and Involvement emphasizes the importance of being involved and educated on social and political issues that affect our community. These issues include, but are not limited to, voter registration, health, education, criminal justice system, employment, childcare, and international concerns. Some of our activities include annual participation in a legislative conference held in Sacramento, CA; voter registration drives; public safety awareness; providing unbaised information on local, state and national elections and initiatives; and supporting communication drives to local, state and federal elected officials in support or opposition to proposed legislation.


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has been involved in “Social Action” since its inception in January 1993. The twenty two Founders were concerned with social welfare, academic excellence and cultural enrichment. In March 1913, our Founders marched in the historic

Suffrage March under the Delta Sigma Theta banner, which constitutes as the first public act of the sorority.

Since the chapter’s charter in June 30, 1979, Oakland East Bay Alumnae Chapter has planned and performed many “social action” activities and events under the guidance of the Five Point Program of the Sorority. The chapter has received many accommodations, and awards for its Social Action services.


Delta Sigma Theta has an extensive history of involvement in international issues.  The International Awareness and Involvement Committee is charged with increasing knowledge and action on topics affecting people of color around the globe.  The committee seeks to organize programs and events that will shine a light on the world’s critically important social and political matters and our major focus is on the issues affecting people of African descent, wherever they may be.  Our programs and initiatives remain closely aligned with National and Regional objectives.

* Facilitate global awareness and education to African Americans living the Oakland area service area

* Support the Water for Haiti Project Supports the Hope for Haiti project by sponsoring two * Haitian students in paying school tuition and purchasing school uniforms.

International Awareness and Involvement

Physical and Mental Health

Our theme, “Health Disparities – Together We CAN Eliminate Them.  Knowledge and Action is Power!”, is the center of our committee’s work.  From implementing the National Physical & Mental Health Awareness Initiative to participating and planning local programs, we have a commitment to educate, both the internal and external, OEBAC communities while encouraging action to recognize, address and eliminate the health disparities; as well as, the sensitive social issues that are wreaking havoc on our members, families, neighbors and the African-American Oakland East Bay community as a whole.    

A few of our activities are:

Water Girls – providing refreshing water, one of the most essential elements, at health related events and supporting organizations that promote good health.  Refresh and support with us.

Chapter Community Walks – walking, one of the least expensive exercises, can have a wonderful impact on improving ones health.  Come walk with us.

Health Education distribution – educating oneself about one’s own health and learning about health issues in general is a powerful tool.  You cannot do better unless you know better.  Learn with us.

Community Collaborations – collaborating is a way to broaden our reach further than our specific circles and strengthens our impact.  Collaborate with us.

The CAN in our theme means Community Action Now.  We call you to join us in making the commitment  to be proactive not only reactive to the high risk health and social issues that attack our community and take an active role in improving and maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health for yourself and your family.

Forward to GREAT Health!

Happy Family

Economic Development 

National economic trends, such as unstable employment, the threat to Social Security as we know it, and the widening gap between wealth and poverty are the basis for the development of Financial Fortitude, the current Economic Development Program Initiative of Delta Sigma Theta. Financial Fortitude is a process that will help program participants to set and define goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and to put the plan into action. The process serves as a blueprint to address all aspects of personal finances.

The goal of the OEBAC Economic Development Committee is to advocate, educate, encourage and empower its members and the community with programs focused on Financial Fortitude, Homeownership and Entrepreneurship.


Financial Fortitude

Financial Fortitude is an education initiative designed to increase financial literacy in the African American community. The FDIC’s Money Smart curriculum is designed to teach the financial building blocks needed to help the public make sound financial decisions with respect to budgeting, banking fundamentals, credit principles, savings /investing, insurance and protecting assets.




The Delta Challenge: Delta Homeownership Initiative The Delta Homeownership Challenge paves the way for sorors, family, friends and the African-American community to achieve the dream of homeownership.


Delta H.O.M.E. (Home Ownership Maintenance and Education) This program is designed to train the communities we serve on the three phases of Home Ownership – Purchase, Maintaining and Keeping your home.

Buying your home – Outlining the homeownership purchase, mortgage, and closing process

Living in your home – Provides useful tips for the first year of homeownership success; living below your means; budgeting; refinancing do’s and don’ts; estate planning; tax education and maintenance

Keeping your home – Provides information on how to avoid foreclosure



Entrepreneurship is a financial wealth-building initiative that educates individuals within communities on techniques and resources available to enable them to start and operate successful businesses. Entrepreneurship improves financial stability, provides economic empowerment, and enhances the overall quality of life.

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