Physical and Mental Health

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Our theme, “Health Disparities – Together We CAN Eliminate Them.  Knowledge and Action is Power!”, is the center of our committee’s work.  From implementing the National Physical & Mental Health Awareness Initiative to participating and planning local programs, we have a commitment to educate, both the internal and external, OEBAC communities while encouraging action to recognize, address and eliminate the health disparities; as well as, the sensitive social issues that are wreaking havoc on our members, families, neighbors and the African-American Oakland East Bay community as a whole.    

A few of our activities are:

Water Girls – providing refreshing water, one of the most essential elements, at health related events and supporting organizations that promote good health.  Refresh and support with us.

Chapter Community Walks – walking, one of the least expensive exercises, can have a wonderful impact on improving ones health.  Come walk with us.

Health Education distribution – educating oneself about one’s own health and learning about health issues in general is a powerful tool.  You cannot do better unless you know better.  Learn with us.

Community Collaborations – collaborating is a way to broaden our reach further than our specific circles and strengthens our impact.  Collaborate with us.

The CAN in our theme means Community Action Now.  We call you to join us in making the commitment  to be proactive not only reactive to the high risk health and social issues that attack our community and take an active role in improving and maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health for yourself and your family.

Forward to GREAT Health!

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